Review of Mirabella Portland

1 Star User Review

Mirabella's skilled nursing is a major disappointment. Five years ago, my mother was treated at the Mirabella skilled nursing following a broken hip. Their kind care is what brought us back: however, much has changed on the 2nd floor of the Mirabella. Today I called 911 and had to have my mother transported to the hospital due to the medial neglect she suffered in Mirabells's skilled nursing. Mirabella's nursing and therapy staff is contracted out and particularly the therapy staff have teriible attitudes toward the patients. They hurt my mother and ignored her many, complex medical issues. The staff at the Mirabella is not in the business of healing patients, rather they are in the business following minimum medicare guidelines. Do not expect to receive any type of patient support or advocacy. The social worker/case manager is particularly inept. The healthcare management and administrative staff has had much turnover lately and it shows. The lack of organization and communication negatively impacts patient outcomes.