Review of Marquis Mill Park

1 Star User Review

While the facility is clean and the staff is pleasant for the most part, my mom had nothing but problems with the Marquis at Mill Park when she was admitted for short term rehab due to a fall and multiple broken bones. They were not giving her Parkinson's medication at the right time nor doing the correct overnight dose so her symptoms increased which only exacerbated her other issues. when we discovered the issue and addressed it, they admitted they were not dosing her correctly and said they'd correct it, but the problem continued. They did not assist her in brushing her teeth until we asked about it, even though she couldn't walk to the sink (she couldn't walk at all) and couldn't use her right arm. They continued to give her stool softeners while she was having terrible diarrhea because the person who had to clean her up was not communicating with the person giving the medication. They lost her clothes in the laundry and brought her other people's clothes. They'd have her order her preference for meals and then bring her someone else's order - repeatedly, daily. When insurance wanted to discharge her they did not provide the family with a transition meeting or a plan for us to know what her needs were. In fact, when we went to observe her PT session towards the end, we discovered that they had never worked with her on getting in and out of a car, and when we asked how we were to do that to get her home we were told, "good question". The last day they finally practiced with her getting in the car but it was very, very difficult. They didn't tell us what equipment we'd need at home until the day before she was discharged, and told us (only after we asked) that they'd prescribe home health care for her at home (because they had done so little rehab with her while there that she was no where near where she was before the fall) but did not. We were told they'd have her packed up on the morning of her discharge and that she had papers to sign. We arrived at the appointed time and nothing was packed up. After we did the packing, and after 45 minutes had gone by, we looked around for staff but no one was there, so we wheeled her out. As we were struggling to get her in the car, the woman came running out to have her sign papers and only then told us that we had to go to the pharmacy and get a new mediation she needed the next morning. Home health care was not on the discharge plan. These are just a few of the problems we had with the Marquis Mill Park. Very, very disappointed in them.