Review of Tulsa Nursing Center

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This is the worst place to have your family members…..the people at this place do NOT CARE ABOUT OUR LOVED ONES AT ALL!!!!!!! Please do not bring them here and if you have them all ready at this place if you have any kind of love or compasiĆ³n for them take them with you or look for a better place for them…My father was brought to this place by doctors orders for a short term rehabilitation…. ( my father is diabetic and has dialesis every other day he had his right leg half amputated there for he needs rehabilitation)….. This has been a nightmare since day one. They do not pay any attention to them at all ,the patients have to look for the nurses for help….I was visiting my father on Saturday…..I was there with him for 4 hours not once did they come to check on him…..he has asked for help my mother has begd them to help they never helped him AT ALL!!!!!! My father was unresponsive I called to this place because they would not help my mother when she was explaning to them he would not respond so I drove over there and on my way called many times I would get hung up on finally some one had the dignity to answer I told them to go see him they just kept teling me he is ok he will get over it I hung up and called EMSA my sealf to go get my dad and bring him to the hospital……please don't put your love ones through a nightmare like my parents had to go through!!!!!!! (There is way more that happen but to list them all I would have to write a book……be carefull) P.S this happens in a time span of less than a month of him being at this death house!!!!