Review of Essex Healthcare of Tallmadge

1 Star User Review

My mother has been treated unfairly and the nursing staff is incompetent to my mother's care and needs. The staff left a bed pan under my mother for nearly 6 hours, and caused her excrutiating pain. When a girl came by to ask my mother if she needed water, my mother asked the girl to remove the pan; and the girl said that she was not authorized to remove the pan, but said she would go find someone to take care of it….neither the girl or other assistance arrived. My mother requested tomato soup to be made with milk and no water…the nursing staff brought my mother tomato soup that had been made with water and gave her a glass of warm milk and told her to mix the soup herself! Finally, my mother is currently incurring a severe infection in her legs, caused by her recent surgery, and the staff has neglected to contact the physician or address the severity of my mother's health risk. The staff told my mother they were going to conduct a meeting with the management next Tuesday (3/5/2013), to decide my mother's fate; yet, they still have not addressed my mother's immediate need of caring for her infection as of today (3/1/2013). I hope this review is read by the Senior management of this facility; otherwise, I will serve their facility with a law suit that will pursue the closure of this facility due to neglegence, incompetency and fraud! I will be contacting this facility shortly to remedy this issue!