Review of Signature Healthcare of Coshocton

1 Star User Review

The rooms are very barren looking. The only furniture were the two beds, a chair, and a stand with a TV on it. No other room d├ęcor, only a brown floor and tan walls. It was already depressing for my father to have to be there and this room did not help the situation.

Also, the nurse refused to telephone a prescription to the local pharmacy on the day of discharge, because I had not notified them the day before it was needed. I could not find any written prescriptions for it and I did not know he needed it until then. I was told to call the prescribing doctor, but since he came from a big teaching hospital with treatment from multiple disciplines, there was no one particular doctor, so who do I call?

The staff, for the most part, were pleasant and helpful otherwise, but still I would not recommend this facility.