Review of Liberty Nursing Center of Colerain Inc

1 Star User Review

Do NOT send your loved ones to this facility. The staff is high turnover. They NEVER read the charts. They NEVER have enough or quality food. It’s all about The bottom line. There is only a few nurses or aides that give a damn. Residents are afraid. Residents are expected to eat without having teeth in because the staff fails to notice or track them down.

Even employees who used to work there say it’s a horrible place. Just read those reviews.

If you want you loved one to have multiple bruises and open wounds with no explanation. Or eat like a bird. Or never have water to drink on there rooms EXCEPT for a tiny plastic cup - then send them here. But for $10k a month, I wouldn’t trust them with my pet.

Administration is only concerned about covering their ass verses providing quality care to residents.