Review of Indianspring of Oakley

3 Star User Review

I have a very close friend who went to Indian Springs for Physical Rehab.. She is in a wheelchair and requires assistance with all ADLs. Though she is capable of using the restroom, every time I visited her she needed her clothes to be changed. When she, or we called for assistance by pressing the button provided to her, no one would show up. I would have to ask numerous times before an aide arrived to help her. The last time I visited her, she needed help changing again. I mentioned this to nurses and aides. They stated that they would be there to help but never came. We went to her room to wait. We pressed her button, but no one arrived. Her room smelled terrible. I found an aid who finally came to her room. The Aide picked up a piece of clothing and noticed that there was feces on the floor. She said she was going to find disinfectant. Another 15 minutes passed and the Aide did not return. I went to the nursing office. The nurse in the office stated that the Aide was just there looking for Clorox wipes. When I mentioned that my friend was still waiting to be changed after an hour and that there is feces on the floor of her room, the nurse stated, "I'm not her nurse today". I caught up with the aide in the hallway. She stated that she was getting Clorox wipes and would be there soon. She finally came to the room, helped my friend clean up and then left without cleaning up the feces. This aide never returned. I finally caught up with another aide who helped clean up. This was the most degrading experience for my friend. I am appalled by the lack of dignity and respect. On top of this, my friend struggles cognitively and has been attempting to get out of her wheelchair/bed without help. Without supervision, she would have attempted to get up, and slipped on the feces by her bed. She has Osteoporosis and is prone to fractures. This was a sad and inhumane situation