Review of Louisburg Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

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My sister was placed at the facility after her liver cancer surgery at UNC. I spent quite a bit of time observing interactions between staff and patients. I was not impressed. The staff for the most part was cold and indifferent. Patients would ask for something and be totally ignored. My sister also told me that they were very mean to her so I pulled her out the next day. She was bruised from the rough handling. Also noticed that the elderly lady in the bed beside her would appear to be getting warm personal service as long as her daughter was there. The minute the daughter the nasty comments and rough treatment returned. I will never leave a loved one of mine there again. All around bad vibes.

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I certainly agree with this post and everything that is said about this place……very negligent, place is nasty, staff is very unfriendly and non-professional. I know they hate to see me come to visit my relative, because I catch too many things and complain. I hope and pray my relative will soon be moving to another facility, and I never have to look at this dump again. Also too expensive for for the care the CLAIM to provide!!!