Review of The Laurels of Greentree Ridge

1 Star User Review

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

This place is terrible in every way. You would be better off going to a homeless shelter. It constantly smells like a sewer and they are very understaffed. It has taken over an hour to get anyone to answer the call button and then they just came in and turned it off only to run out and make you wait another 45 min before returning to care for the patient. The nurses and C.N.A.s are for the most part OK, but they are so understaffed that they are constantly overwhelmed. The administration is the biggest problem, If you complain about the bad care of your loved one they will turn around and blame the patient and do nothing to fix the problem. The problems are a constant, Their has not been one day that I have visited my family member where the same issues I have complained about has been been addressed & the administrators have become rude and offensive when I have repeated the complaints. They do not see or treat your loved one as a person but rather a dollar sign. The social worker is horrible and pathetic. The head of the nursing department dos not do anything to fix the problems. The facility is falling apart from the leaking roof to the broken door alarms and fire alarms that go off for no reason when it rains hard. If you care about your the person, do not let them go to this place.