Review of Yonkers Gardens Center for Nursing and Rehab

1 Star User Review

This facility is awful. My father spent time in this facility only because it offers in patient hemodialysis. (He could not go to other rehabilitation facilities because he was not strong enough to independently transfer from the Ambulette stretcher to the dialysis chair.). He would ring the call bell for over an hour before someone would come to check on him. He would be left in bed, undressed for extended periods of time because it was "too difficult and time consuming" to transfer him to a chair. (those are their words) My father called us at home on more than one occasion asking us to call the nursing station for him because he was being ignored. If it was not for the fact that my mother and I were there every day he would not have gotten half the care he did. Unfortunately we could not be there 24/7 and the care was definitely worse at night. The staff is rude and uncaring, making it is as if you are an imposition, not a patient. The staff lacked human compassion and seemed bothered by family members advocating for the patient. I, myself, provide patient care every day and would never recommend this facility. I am giving this facility one star only because the site won't allow me to give it no stars.