Review of Central Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

1 Star User Review

I have experience to say that Central Park Rehabilitation and Nursing home is a horrible place. There are never enough nurses and aides on hand to help patients and there is not a Supervisor on head on the weekends. How do they really expect LPN's and CNA's to handle a major emergency! The place smells like feces and it is unclean!

When the bell is rung for assistance, it takes a good 15-20 minutes before someone comes to assist you.

Because of lack of assistance, my sister fell in this place and broke her hip. The outcome was an operation. As a result, she had to remain here for a longer period of time, and things just seem to get worse! I had once asked the Nurse Manager if there were enough staff on hand and she said yes. Well, from speaking with others and observation, I would say no; there are not enough staff on hand to assist the patients and if the staff are there, they are not doing their jobs!

The rating for this Nursing Home should without a doubt not have a rating. It is definitely a zero! There is room for improvement and I hope for the patients' sake, it happens soon!

Thank you