Review of Sprain Brook Manor Rehab

3 Star User Review

The only reason I would give Sprain Brook as high a rating as three stars is for its tremendous rehab people. Caring, knowledgeable, patient. As for everything else,it is sad. It is understaffed, with my mother having to wait a half hour for an assistant to help her to the bathroom. The nursing station does not coordinate well with the rehab, so that I had to relay the message that my mother should not wait four hours after her Parkinson's medication to make it to therapy but should really be seen an hour after. The dining room screams "institutional" with depressing colors, chipped paint, a couple of big, dark tables and a TV. I am trying to have her transferred elsewhere, but instead of quickly processing the necessary paperwork, I receive phone calls trying to convince me to keep my mom in this "5 star" facility, so that I missed out on the available rooms in another rehab. I thank God for the rehab people or my father would have kidnapped my mom and tried to nurse her at home.