Review of Elderwood at North Creek

1 Star User Review

This "Rehab & Nursing" Facility almost killed my mother…. Instead of rehabbing her from her surgery so she could come back home, they kept her drugged up and said it was her fault for not eating…. How can a person eat when they are given pain killers constantly EVEN WHEN SHE WASN'T IN PAIN!!!???

My mother has always been smaller in stature… she is 4'10" and when she arrived at the facility, she weighed close to her normal weight… she weighed 86 pounds…. within the two weeks she was there, since she was doped up on painkillers and so forth, she dropped THIRTEEN pounds….. they blamed it on her….

The administration should be ashamed of this facility… and If your family member has to go there… DO NOT LET THEM!!!! Save your family….