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These ratings and user reviews of Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care & Rehab will help you pick the best nursing home in New Hyde Park, New York. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care & Rehab, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

It is not right that Parker remains open. This is the worst place that anyone can send a loved one. The state is totally aware of their problems but they do nothing and the state health department helps Parker cover up all the bad stuff . … Full Review

I cannot imagine a caring place has this much ignoring to the poor helpless people who stay this place for help. No one cares this place, when poor patients call for help none of them their for help, if you complaint the management all turn… Full Review

My father was in Parkers for two weeks before he was sent to LIJ hospital where he passed away. My family was told that this was an excellent place. It was not! The staff was not caring, not interested & very hard to even find on the floor… Full Review

My father was there several months for rehab after colon surgery. I called the social worker and nurse asking that they teach my father how to care for his colostomy bag and set up services for in home care when he got discharged. I live out… Full Review

This is the most horrible place for anyone to be in!!!! They are so understaffed, and the most miserable nurses on staff. You can ring the bell for help and have to wait!! Disguising!! If a patient needs assistance, under no circumstances… Full Review

Avoid at all costs. While under their care for 20 days, my father had a stroke. Service was terrible. Many patients were complaining about ringing the bedside buzzer and nobody responding. I escalated medical issues to the assistant chief of… Full Review

Should be no stars. Horrible, horrible, horrible. You are so misled by the beautiful lobby into thinking this must be a good facility for your loved one in need, but the care is terrible. My mom had a trache and had to stay here while undergoing… Full Review

I hate the fact that I had to give any star for this place. It makes me sick to give even that much. Do NOT send your loved one to this facility. If you love them, you will avoid this place because my grandmother exited this place worse… Full Review

In a word awful! My parent was there for a year and in the hospital three times, because aides go from patient to patient without washing their hands and cause infections to spread. If someone has to use the toilet the wait can be as long… Full Review

Family member stayed for a week & was like Hell! The staff look miserable like the patients. Patient was dragged from bed to do pt regardless of patient's refusal. The patient peed in the wheelchair after yelling, & nobody came for help for… Full Review

Mom went into Parker on her insistence as my Dad had been there 6 years ago and had excellent care. This current experience was a nightmare. They are so under staffed one nurse and one CA for 16 - 20 patients. If one CA is giving a shower… Full Review

It has the physical resources to be great, but in our family's experience the staff attitudes and quality of care were consistently abysmal. No respect or empathy for the patient. Very inefficient in the main hospital. They kept my mother on… Full Review

Not so great! My Dad was sent home, not with one, but 2 infections, one of which he needs to be isolated for and we have to wear proper gear to protect ourselves from. What about in the Rehab? That wasn't done. By the way he went into the Hospital… Full Review

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