Review of Parker Jewish Institute for H C & Rehab

5 Star User Review

I cannot imagine a caring place has this much ignoring to the poor helpless people who stay this place for help. No one cares this place, when poor patients call for help none of them their for help, if you complaint the management all turn as team and will kick you out from with before the patients is able to walk or get up from the bed. The therapist would make false assessment and would say to you insurance would not pay any more, and take the patient to home. Definetly the families and communities join together and fight for this hell place and should complaint to the heal dept, and NY state. If you ask for help the nurses or CNA would say they do not have enough people, every 15-20 people they have only one person. They are taking from insurance around $1,000/person from insurance company and no help at all, so sad, it is money making place. State has to do something for this place, theay should interview the patients and families for how much care they are getting.