Review of Gowanda Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

1 Star User Review

I give them one star because the Physical Therapy Team was very good, but it did not make up for the lack of care that my Mom received. My Mom needed lots of help because she could not walk, move, or feed herself. The facility is understaffed, so they don't have time to be helpful or compassionate. They were always in a hurry, and they told my Mom she took too long to take her pills. She could not reach the nurse button, and no one came when she called out for help in the night (we were there with her in the day). She was scheduled to get a shower once a week, and we had to remind them. We complained that she did not get her shower, and they came in late at night to give her a sponge bath and were rough with her. They told her that she got them in trouble. Now my Mom was not only in pain, but she was fearful. They also lost her clothes. When I talked to Management about problems, they gave me excuses with no solutions. I would not recommend this place to anyone!