Review of Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

4 Star User Review

A nightmare. Most of the staff there don't care nor have respect for the sick and elderly there. They yell and talk to them in a disrespectful manner. I've walked in the dining room and would see urine under the wheel chair of several residences, one sliding out of wheel chair with alarm going off and no aide in the room to assist them and several of them asleep in their chair leaning forward and looking as if they are going to fall out of the chair. I've even witness aides taking food from the cart for themselves and eating it. One night I visited my dad at dinner time and watched a very elderly lady standing in the middle of the floor with her pants and pamper down to her ankles and she couldn't bend down to pick them aide in the room…You need to get rid of most of the aides there and hire more caring people…Most importantly review the cameras..My dad is out of there now. Wouldn't put a dog there.