Review of Silver City Care Center

1 Star User Review

THE worst.

Della, social worker, is a pathological liar who will get your loved one to sign things while they are drugged. Several employees are good, but most don't give a rip and have a bad attitude. "That's how things work in small town Silver City," like we are supposed to feel sorry for them that they live there and chose to apply for the job they have. Their entire attitude is one of entitlement. Watch out for Marie, the billing lady. She's a liar, too, and will say whatever she has to to scare you into opening your wallet, even though she fails to do her job and submit bills to insurance. Path of least resistance… The place is filthy, the food unhealthy, patients left unattended for hours on end in soiled diapers, falling out of their wheelchairs. Oh, and want to talk to the doctor about your loved one? Forget it. He shows up ONE time, when your loved one is checked in, and never again after that. "Dr. Janie", physician assistant, handles all patient care, or lack thereof. She is NOT a doctor, contrary to what everyone there calls her. She supposedly checks in on every patient ONCE in a MONTH. If you want her to check in on a loved one more frequently, you are supposed to call her office and set it up. But, don't expect any changes, becaue i called three times and requested twice a month checkups. It never happened. The place is NOT a care center. It is a euthansia center. If should be shut down.