Review of Aspen Hills Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

Disgraceful facility -- my mother-in-law has been there a little more than 2 weeks and during that entire time she has been there she only had her own clothes on once, has not had her glasses or her dentures since she arrived even though we were told that there is an inventory that shows she arrived there with them. We were told by management that this is something that they are bad at and need to work on!!?

My mother-in-law has seemed to have lost weight since arriving and today she mentioned that she actually has not been eating much because she hasn't had her teeth and there is no one to help cut her food so she eats very little. This is from someone who has always had a very hearty appetite. She also mentioned that she has been wetting herself because no has been available to take her to the bathroom.

Staff constantly making excuses that others are lazy or new or under staffed. The lack of care of the patients and the lack of caring by the staff of our concerns I astounding. Management seems to have no control over what staff do since they seem to be constantly in meetings or on vacation as we have also been told.

Phone calls go unreturned including from management. It was 24 hours before someone even reached out to us that she had arrived at the facility and this was only because we refused to hang up until someone answered the phone. When you call you constantly get transferred to extensions that have full mailboxes so no message can be left. Even the receptionist, who we witnessed in person, could not get someone in the facility to pick up a phone.