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  • Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656

    I was very apprehensive about my mom having to go to an assisted living facility. I am still hopeful she can come home one day. I was also not thrilled with the distance the facility is from my home. And the rehab she stayed in a few weeks before wasn’t the greatest in terms of attentiveness and care, so there was that as well.

    But thanks to Megan and her wonderful staff at Plaza Regency, mom is looking better, thinking clearer, walking a bit AND, most importantly, getting good care. Megan is exceptional at her job and reports important medical info to me and is always there to speak with me about mom and advise. (Shout out to Sheeba and Joan and all the aides!)

    And they’re even getting her to eat!

    I am grateful to Plaza Regency for alleviating some of my distress and heartache about the need to get mom 24/7 care. And I no longer dread the drive (it’s still annoying but once I get there, I can usually breathe a sigh of relief when I see mom looking healthy and well cared for).

    Finally, I am no longer as anxiety-ridden about mom’s health because I know she is getting proper care and I could not provide that 24/7.

    Frank J. Avella

  • Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656

    It gives me great pleasure in writing this letter to your attention.

    Unfortunately, the orthopedist had informed me that I needed a total knee replacement and

    highly suggested a rehabilitation facility after surgery. Immediately, I began visiting many

    facilities. Working for a doctor, I know what to look for and what would be best of me.

    From the moment I had entered your lobby, a feeling of relief was felt inside me. I was

    impressed and knew that this was the place I would choose. This decision I had made has

    been one that I will never regret.

    On April14, 2013 I was admitted to Plaza Regency; instantly I had felt the warmth and

    concern of all employees. Though it was a Sunday, everyone there brighten the day with

    their smiles and willingness to assist in any way.

    While I was at Plaza I noticed the cleanness of the facility, there was never any odors as I

    found at many of the other facilities I visited. My room and my bathroom was cleaned

    everyday, which was an important factor to me.

    In addition, the design of the Therapy Department enabled one to feel positive by the

    brightness and cheery ambiance. All of the equipment was clean and ready to be used by

    the next patient. I had to pleasure of meeting Mr. James Banogan, the director, who was

    extremely caring and professional. After meeting him, I had met my personal therapist,

    Annalisa with her warm and friendly smile. There wasn't a time that she did not encourage

    me to try an exercise that I thought I couldn't do, but she assured me that I could do it and

    she was right. Her constant motivation and support was a significant factor in my early

    discharge from rehab.

    When I left I knew that I was ready to do outpatient rehab, I had only wished that your

    facility was not so far from my home because I would certainly have gone there for the

    outpatient rehab. I had also received occupational therapy with Angie, the therapist; again

    I couldn't be more pleased.

    Let me comment on the nursing under the direction of Amanda Sprofera. There was never

    a time that whatever I needed I did not receive. The nurses tried their best to help with

    whatever I needed from them, be medication, change of a bandage, or just someone to ask a


    Unfortunately, I will have to have my second knee done on July 9th of this year and with

    this one I already know that I will be returning to Plaza for my rehab.

    In closing, I want to thank everyone at Plaza that made my stay so pleasurable and so

    successful, since that was our main concern.

    See you in October!

    Geraldine Theobald

  • Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656

    Looks can be deceiving - aesthetically pleasing but that is where it ends. Poor State Ratings, RN Nursing to patients ratio horrendous and the weekends are abhorrent with patients suffering, call bells on for hours, limited staff. The previous reviews must have been written by internal corporate employees and/or ownership and are not unbiased reviews - be careful here. This is a dangerous place -

  • Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656

    This is truly a wonderful facility the people are caring. The building is beautiful. The food is like having a home cooked meal. I would recommend this place to all of my loved ones. Other facility's in the area that my mom has been in are a dump just looking to make a buck. Plaza has their hearts in the right place

  • Atrium Post Acute Care of Park Ridge Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656

    Urinary Tract Infections are widespread throughout the facility, mainly because patients diapers are not5 changed often enough. Many CNA's ignore call bells and allow patient to sit in wet diapers, especially on the weekends. They need to have more continuity between Cna and patient care, thus the CNA would get to know the patient routine and needs. They go out of their way to keep change them, this upsets the good hard working CNA's. On the weekend they hire people from outside agencies who could care less about patient needs. One put my mom to bed without washing her, no diaper, and slept in mom's recliner while mom cried and was to afraid to complain because she didn't know this person. When mom tolld me, I complained, and was told she wouldn't return, she did? Just not right and unfair to our elderly population.