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These ratings and user reviews of Alaris Health at Cedar Grove will help you pick the best nursing home in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Alaris Health at Cedar Grove, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

Elderly parent admitted to Alaris as a last resort. The hospital Social Worker & Alaris Social Worker both insisted it was a new facility. I was skeptical. If this place is where I think it is; then, it is not new. It is & I called them… Full Review

This was my second time at this facility. which is warmly and professionally decorated; very large rooms with a large sofa and love seat to accomondate your guest. I received EXCELLENT treatment! The Nursing staff were very PROFESSIONAL and… Full Review

Alaris is a credible institution. The medical staff performed their duties well. The aides also. Therapists knew what they were doing. They all did a fine job. They all cared about their jobs. I think that th … Full Review

This place is horrible.My mother is 92 and needs help getting to and from the bathroom. She was left alone in the bathroom for 50 min one morning. The bed sheets were thrown on the bathroom floor for 8 hours. To wash her they wet one end… Full Review

One of the worst facilities. My grandmother was admitted after her surgery.. worst nurses I have every seen. And aid's were just inhumane.. first day there and I saw how horrible they are not just to my grandmother but other people in the facility… Full Review

My mother was recently admitted to Alaris at Cedar Grove for short term rehabilitation. I was very dissatisfied with the overall care of this center. The nurses were understaffed, and there seemed to be a very big turnover. They were not… Full Review

This Home is beautiful and that's about it. My dad was admitted at the end of October 2014 with Alzheimer's. He passed away February 14, 2015. No one in this home cares about the patients. The social worker, Alice Foresight constantly blamed… Full Review

This place appears very nice.. until the pernicibyous neglwct that.they perpetrate on your elderly sick relatives puts them on death's door. Medicare and Medical Board of Examiners complaints pending. Run, don't walk.… Full Review

I like the place staff professional they have plaenty of activities for the clients. I just think the long term units should look and be designed as nice as short term stay. after all this will be the clients permanent homes overall I would… Full Review

My mother was sent here for rehab after surgury to assist with her mobility. It has been a horrible experience for my mother and our family. The staff, primarily the the nurses assistants are disorganized,disrespecful, bad mannered and uncaring… Full Review

DO NOT send your loved one here! My grandfather went here for rehab after he broke his hip. He had gotten a pretty bad cut on his leg from the wheelchair. The aid barely cleaned it and slapped a band-aid on it. Blood got all over the wheelchair… Full Review

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