Review of Pleasant Valley Nursing Center

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It is unfortunate that the residents at Pleasant Valley do not receive the care they deserve at this stage of their lives. It is very out dated and they lack a lot of the new technology that I've seen at other facilities in the area. It is not clean and almost all the patients sit in a wheel chair most of the day. Explore other facilities in the area, even if they have a waiting list, it is worth the wait.

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I agree my dad was also there for 4 months. 2 months in the rehab which was fine and 2 months in longterm care. I woudn't say it wasn't clean but definitly outdated and in need of a remodel. I agree all the patients seem to be in wheel chairs but I think that is due to lack of enough staff. Definitly explore other options - if you have to use them keep looking and get yourself on a wait list for something better.