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  • Kindred Transitional Care & Rehabilitation-Spring Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

    I have been treated very good here. I woul recommend this place for Rehab. They gave me exercises to live in my home. They are excellent.

    Mireya your CNA was excellent. Always cheerful, ready to help and seemed to really care.

    Thanks for everything.


  • Kindred Transitional Care & Rehabilitation-Spring Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

    Our son, Peter has been a patient here for a couple of weeks now and we could not be happier with the care he's received. We have encountered a group of people who truly care about him and have Gone to great lengths to take our needs into consideration as well. We wish he could stay here forever.

  • Kindred Transitional Care & Rehabilitation-Spring Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

    Prior to coming to Kindred Spring Valley Rehab, I did not know much about rehab facilities. I have been here for several weeks and I cannot say enough good things about this place. Everyone has been amazing from day one. I'm so happy I came here to get stronger. The housekeepers, maintenance, food service, nursing, physicians and all other staff have been outstanding. I'm especially grateful to Rex who pushed me to work harder every day, which has allowed me to discharge home. I would without hesitation recommend this facility to anyone needing rehabilitation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and caring. -Gail

  • Kindred Transitional Care & Rehabilitation-Spring Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

    I have received excellent care here. Everyone from housekeeping and maintenance to nursing, therapy and physicians have all been amazing. Everyone is extremely attentive anticipating my needs and meeting them every minute of every day. I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to get to know everyone here. I wish I could stay longer. I am fond of everyone here and I will miss everyone very much. Special thanks to my nurses and CNAs. Juanita by far is my favorite, but I love everyone here. Thank you for getting me strong enough to go home. I will definitely come back to visit you all. -Boris

  • The Heights of Summerlin, LLC Las Vegas, Nevada 89144

    When it comes to The Heights of Summerlin, don't be fooled by the use of the Summerlin area in it's name. Quality and expertise are FAR from what you will receive here and one star is way more than they deserve.

    It doesn't take a medical professional to realize that this place, The Heights of Summerlin, should incur one of two things;

    1.) An immediate and complete change of management, administration and all operations and practices

    2.) Be shut down immediately

    My mother was a patient here for approximately 28 hours. It was only 28 hours because after only about 19 hours we were determined to get her transferred out ASAP.

    She did not receive medicines until my dad stormed in and got in the face of the administrator, head nurse and others and demanded she get her medicine. The IV nurse refused to wear gloves, needles were just thrown into a small open trash can in the room, there are no soiled linen or sharps disposal containers, food came in a ziplock bag, the bathroom was disgusting, and so much more!!!

    if you care at all for someone DO NOT let them be put in this nightmare. A lack of professionalism, cleanliness, competence and concern are just a few of the things you will encounter.

    I can only use so many characters here for a review so read my full review here:!Calling-Out-a-Flawed-Facility/c1uhh/5733b4340cf284cf213ff71b

  • Marquis Care Plaza Regency Las Vegas, Nevada 89108

    I worked here for a few years and notice some of the same issues that other people have pointed out. The DON and her "family" are lazy and don't even think to try to cross them because the "family" will make sure you regret it. You will feel isolated and given horrible shifts while the "family" gets off on holidays and most weekend. The Administrator "DIVA" is also someone not to cross. She pretends to care but really is only concerned about receiving attention from any young male who visits the facility…yes she is working on being a cougar, probably mid 50's and looks for guys in their 20's and 30's while patrolling the facility.

    I realized this place, though nice in appearance was awful and have since moved on.

  • Marquis Care Plaza Regency Las Vegas, Nevada 89108

    I did my nursing clinicals here, and did note several unusual things as a student.

    I've seen nurses who can't speak English not even care about the residents not understanding them. They'd make fun of the residents when they looked confused as they babbled to them in another language.

    When I told a nurse about something about a person needing pain medication she ignored the request. I spoke my English slowly so that I'd be understood.

    That same shift a person almost bled to death there. One lady had blood all over her gown from her mouth. It was just a few hours after I'd started my afternoon clinicaI. I told the nurse. The nurse saw it and shrugged. She did nothing. I told a respiratory therapist. The therapist came up to the nurse to give her a hug and an invitation to 'their' niece's birthday party. I waited til she left the nurse and followed the therapist asking about the bleeding resident. She said the nurse would take care of it. Nothing was done. My clinical supervisor was no where to be found, and I had about 2 hours left to go in the clinical. A half hour later, a young lady came up to Miss Do-Nothing and chatted about 'the niece's party', hugged the nurse and said that she'd be there but might be late. She waved at me as she went down the hall. the CNA's said she was the Director of Nursing. I asked if everyone here was from the same family. The CNA's laughed and one said 'practically'. The patient's bleeding was still going on. The CNA's there were really concerned but gave me a sideways look when I said people didn't seem to be doing anything about it, the bleeding.

    When an oncoming nurse came on in the next hour to take over the hall from this do-nothing nurse I listened to the report, the information nurses give to the next nurse at the end of their shift. In report when it came to giving information about the bleeding resident she told the oncoming nurse that nothing was wrong with this particular lady and tried to leave for the day. The afternoon nurse however stated that she was a per diem, and always did rounds at 'this place' and that she saw the bleeding and wanted to know when this resident was going to be 'sent out' to the hospital. The do-nothing nurse began to stutter and said she knew nothing about any bleeding, that she had to go as she had church in the morning and that since the bleeding had just started it wasn't her job to send this resident to the hospital, that it was the responsibilty of the new oncoming nurse. She also said that if this per diem (on call) nurse didn't do her job she'd report her to the DON (director of nursing, her…relative??)

    Next up--the respiratory staff. Many seemed also to be a part of this extended 'family'. But they all seemed to have a too-relaxed work ethic? There are a lot of people here on ventilators. Alarms kept going off while the respiratory therapists were on smart phones at the nursing station. I never saw one alarm being answered in an urgent manor. If a CNA asked for an 'RT',a respiratory therapist, I'd see the RT play on their phone for at least 5 minutes before going to the resident's room. (My clinical instructor told us we were not to use phones in clinicals and definitely not 'on the floor' when we graduated.)

    Next up are the wounds I saw here as I helped in turning residents for CNA's (who seemed to be always working short staffed.) HUGE holes in the sacral area of people. Dressings on them that were basically falling off and smelling horribly. The CNA's said that only certain nurses would change the dressings when they asked them to. The 'do-nothing' nurse and her 'cousins' were the 'ones you don't ask' :((

    I know I graduate soon. I've done clinicals in hospitals and other nursing homes, but I've never seen a bunch of staff like this place has. I told my clinical instructor about the incidents I witnessed and she said she'd approach the DON and the higher ups in administration about what transpired.

  • Las Vegas Post Acute & Rehabilitation Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

    When you enter this place, you have entered hell! The smell, the conditions, the care, your better off leaving them on the streets! They run the medicare bill to the limit and then they will release them. No matter if they need more care or if they are ready to leave weeks before! They keep them there no matter what! No you cant just take them out once they are admitted, then it's falls under AMA (against medical advise) where insurance wont pay and your stuck with the bill!

    You walk in if the smell doesn't knock you over the conditions will. Lights to patients room flashing, people yelling help where staff keeps on walking. This place is not fit for animals let alone humans! They do not get them out of bed for breakfast, they drop a tray and run. PT that is a joke and the doctors will see them 3 times in 6 weeks, no longer than 15 seconds! There is no getting them up dressed and ready for breakfast so they lay in their pee or what ever until someone has time. That could be hours! This place falls under medicare fraud, our tax dollars at work. Really sad place!

  • Las Vegas Post Acute & Rehabilitation Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

    We used this faculty in 2013 when my Father was a victim of a violent crime. My first impression was the place smelled like sewage. When the lights went out my father said the roaches would come out too. They did not give my Father his pain meds when needed until I came around and complained to the director of nursing. I did file a complaint with an ombudsman. Now almost 2 years later I am still haunted with the place because they have billed us incorrectly and no one will listen. Please save your loved ones from the faculty on Maryland drive. If I could give a zero I would.

  • Torrey Pines Post Acute and Rehabilitation Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

    Torrey Pines should be shut down. The staff is rude, never lets you finish your sentence before they hang up on you. You never get your mail. They do not do an assessment to see if you have food alergies or dislikes. They will keep you in a pamper instead of helping you to the bedside comode! You will loose all dignity in this facility. SHUT IT DOWN!

  • Torrey Pines Post Acute and Rehabilitation Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

    I am in Torrey Pines right now. This place should be shut down. The nurses are about as useless as they come. The cna's are even worse. The food is absolutely disgusting! I have called the Department of health and human services, as well as looking into getting an attorney. If there is another place to go besides Torrey Pines GO THERE as fast as you can!!!!. I wish I could give this place no Starr's because they don't deserve any!

  • Las Vegas Post Acute & Rehabilitation Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

    This place is a DUMP!!! The minute you walk in the front door the overwhelming smell of urine and feces is intoxicating. Unfortunately, 98% of admissions are pts who are discharged from a hospital after a fall or orthopedic surgery and are sent there for so called "rehabilitation". The majority of admissions are received on Friday evenings. These people lay there, writhing in pain, until Monday when the Dr decides he will come in and make rounds. Even the oncall, covering Dr will refuse to write orders for any pain medications over the weekend let alone come in and see the patients. The equipment including beds, wheelchairs and bedside commodes are in terrible condition. There is no clean linens, no food of any substance and no ice for these patients. The kitchen is kept locked with no access from 7p till 5a so if the newly admitted pt is hungry they can have a hard nasty pb&j and maybe some warm water. The place is a disgrace and I don't understand how they have been allowed to keep accepting admissions when they don't have the means to care for these people. Many people get "sicker" due to lack of required medication and lack of followup on critical lab values and xray reports. There is almost NO therapy happening yet Im sure it is billed as being done. The RN's lack experience and often time even common sense or knowledge. Yet they have new art work covering the walls while pts don't have necessary medical supplies. DO NOT allow your family members to be placed in that facility. If they are there, get them out NOW. A very concerned citizen

  • St Joseph Transitional Rehabilitation Center Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

    Worst place ever!! Most of the staff Don not do there job right either the cnas get mad because you tell them you want your loved one to he turned or placed a specific way they get mad there rude disrespectful!!! So many family members complain at first I thought it was great for my dad and now I see the reason why families do not want there loved ones here not going to lie there is a few employees here that are wonderful but the rest I just can't believe how disrespectful they are t hey should not be working as CNAs I hate this place!!

  • Kindred Hospital - Las Vegas (Flamingo) - Skilled Nursing Facility/Distinct Part Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

    All the nurse are very kind and take good care of my husband. My husband been in this hospital more than 8 months and he improve and getting better when he is here because of the Lord Blessing and the good care of all the doctors and the nurses who been taking care of him.

  • Kindred Hospital - Las Vegas (Flamingo) - Skilled Nursing Facility/Distinct Part Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

    I'm generally impressed with the facility. It's very good that you are physically associated with a good hospital. I sat in on one of your staff meeting where some concerns about noisy TVs and loud talking in my sister's room was voiced by by her husband. The staff seemed genuinely interested and the next day the noisy roommate had been moved out. My sister's condition was carefully explained at this meeting.The staff seems careing and readily communicates treatment information to attending family members. The staff seems overworked, though. Please wipe (sterilize) off my sister's strength-gripping ball when it falls and rolls across the floor before handing it back to her!

  • Kindred Hospital - Las Vegas (Flamingo) - Skilled Nursing Facility/Distinct Part Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

    I had a great experience with Kindred Hospital. My mother was admitted after complications from surgery. I found the facility and staff to be very helpful and attentive to her needs as well as maintaining a sterile environment. My mother really liked the food which we believed aided in her recovery. She is home fully recovered and functioning back in her normal life. Thank you Kindred!

  • Premier Health & Rehabilitation Center of Lv, Lp Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

    I cannot imagine anyone offering a positive review of this facility.

    My mom was admitted there after release from the hospital for an infection. She came in with 1 prescription and left with 8, including a dose 3X a day for "anxiety and panic." A colostomy patient, left weak and vulnerable by an infection, while there the nursing staff ignored her, did not answer her calls on the bedside call button, did not let her out of bed to walk - and in fact, did no rehabilitation routine at all. As my mother stated, they said they were too busy. She was heavily medicated so that she would not ring the buzzer to call for help. She had a roommate that was constantly in pain that the nursing staff ignored, so the patient yelled and screamed constantly. There solution was to medicate my mom heavily so she would sleep thru the screaming. It did not work, she only slept in small increments when the other patient was asleep.

    Instead of allowing her up out of bed to drain her colostomy bag, they changed the entire bag several times a day (not drain mind you, but removed and replaced). In the process the nursing staff made no attempt to fit the bag carefully over the small stoma, instead cut a large 2 1/4" hole in the wafer and placed it over the stoma, so stool constantly touched skin and burned thru her skin completely in a large circle. Too make matters worse, she suffered a small stroke while there - that the nursing staff did not even notice - it was noticed instead by one of her visitors.

    When she was released to us, we had no knowledge or record of a stroke, and she was weaker and more frail than when she was admitted. She suffered another stroke and died two days after her release. This place was negligent, incompetent and completely unable to provide the basic care they are billing insurance companies for. If you leave your loved one there, you should be ashamed.

  • Caremeridian Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

    My father had a recent stay at CareMeridian, Las Vegas (Carmen location), and I was hesitant for him to go there after reading some of the reviews I'd found. I am very glad to report that his stay was very recuperative and pleasant. The people at CareMeridian, from the office staff to the nurses and physical therapists were all completely professional and warm! My father received wonderful care for his entire stay. He was treated with dignity, and the staff there really listened to him. They were also available to answer my questions and requests for assistance. I am completely grateful for CareMeridian and their care, and wholeheartedly recommend this skilled nursing facility!

  • The Heights of Summerlin, LLC Las Vegas, Nevada 89144

    I was at the Heights for rehab, of the 6 days i was there i only had therapy 3 days. the therapists were juggling several patients at a time and the quality time of each session may have been on the order of 20 minutes in an hour. Anna in therapy was an exception and particularly helpful. that said the rehab units of this facility are the high water mark.

    the food is cliche bad. if you are there to heal you'll need someone bringing you quality protein and calories.

    while some of the nurses are good particularly the morning shift, tanya and mimi for instance, the cna's and all overnight staff are slow, careless and thoughtless. it was not unusual for me to wait several hours for pain meds overnight, up to four hours. overnights were horrible.

    if you are making a decision in your hospital bed deciding which of the rehab facilities to go to don't make the mistake i did and chalk up the bad reviews to only cranky people spending the time to leave reviews.

  • The Heights of Summerlin, LLC Las Vegas, Nevada 89144

    Looks are deceiving. From the outside it looks like it's a great place & the inside isn't bad either until you have a loved one staying there. The nurses come across as caring & nice but once you've been there for a while you see what's really going on. If your loved one has been taken there & has dementia they are left in wheel chairs against the wall near the nurses station quite often which is fine if they were being watched, but too many times they are left unattended (especially at night). A few times while I was there I noticed patients who were unattended and even opened the back door… alarms going off…..and it was around 9pm. There was noone at the station for over 35 minutes. I calmly escorted the patient back. She was in a wheel chair & was elderly & also had dementia. I worked for an outside company & I had a patient that I took care of (In home care) who was taken there after a fall & had a broken hip & went through therapy at the heights. Patient also had dementia & was unable to speak for herself. I was there anywhere from 8-12 hours & noticed that the patient had not been changed from the time I left which was 9pm until I returned the next morning at 9am. A CNA who was with the patient told me she had just recently changed the patient & had laid a blanket over her. When I wheeled the patient back into her room I instantly smelled urine. I checked her & sure enough her clothing was soaked from the back to the front (all the way up to the waist). If she had just been changed, why was she so soaked in urine? I immediately went to the nurses station and reported it & right away they were defensive. An RN came in the room & said "I don't know what happened, the CNA was with her all night & I'm sure she changed her." I asked the CNA to come in the room also & she said "Well, I did change her in the middle of the night." I was so upset that her story changed & how they both just attempted to make excuses. They went into another room to discuss the situation & as I walked in the room I over heard the RN tell the CNA "Don't worry about it, we'll try to send the patient somewhere else." This enraged me. The lack of care for the patient & lack of disipline toward the CNA was unexceptable. Also, the patients room looked like a tornado had hit it. The matress was flipped on it's side against the wall, the night stand was turned backwards, the chair was also on it's side & her dirty gown was on the floor along with a soaked diaper. When I asked what happened they siad they did it because the patient was getting into things in the middle of the night & they had to strap her to a wheel chair (again, against the wall). It made no sense at all that they would turn her room upside down. I reported it to the patients family & later that day the hospital had notified the family that they no longer would be caring for her. She was there for a month in a half. Those who worked in therapy were outstanding people who showed professionalism & were very attentive. Too bad the same couldn't be said for "some" of the nurses (1st floor). There was an older gentlemen that would come in and entertain the patients with activities & he was a very nice man who showed more care for all of them that were patients of the Height of Summerlin. I would not recommend taking a loved one there, especially if they are unable to speak for themselves.

  • Marquis Care at Centennial Hills Las Vegas, Nevada 89149

    The Nursing staff for the most part is good as long as you make a presence known that your loved one has family who cares. The office staff on the other hand is lack luster and needs to be evaluated. The County application process is tedious as we all know however the facility shopuld have professionals dealing with the application to expidite the process. Marquis care fails at this process. 6 months have gone by and the application is still not approved or denied. The facility will evict even if the error is on their part.