Review of Parklane Care and Rehabilitation Center

5 Star User Review

Watched an MS patient lay in urine for 24 hours in my wife's room even though there were calls asking for bed to be changed. Showers and baths were never on schedule with some waiting a week or more past there scheduled day. The room when my wife was checked in was left completely in cleaned. The family brought in cleaning equipment and products the next day to clean drawers and cabinets. My wife was put in Long term care for weeks when she should have been in the therapy wing because that is what she was there for. I called them out on it and she was changed to the therapy wing immediately once they were call out on it. I later found out later from our hospital social worker she should never have been in long term care because it was paid for by our insurance company and long term was private care. Park Lane kept telling us the hospital said she was long term but the social worker told us they would never do that on an insurance covered patient going in for rehab. This skilled nursing facility was a big let down as far as management being truthful and patient care from what I observed during my wife's stay except in the therapy wing. Therapy department was excellent, clean and well run unlike the rest of the facility.