Review of Warrensburg Manor Care Center

4 Star User Review

My husband's mother is in Warrensburg Manor Care Nursing home for a number of years. First of all, working in a nursing home takes a lot of courage and patience. I must commend most of the staff for their care and dedication. I appreciate that they do call us when the slightest incident occurs. I do find that most times we are greeted especially by the head nurse. Of course there are some areas such as, making sure this person has their eye glasses to wear, and the disappearance of clothing. However, overall, I believe this facility provides good care to our loved one. Based on other facilities I've visited, WMCNH is far better than most of the homes that offer these same services. I've always found them to be professional, and I felt comfortable knowing that our loved one is being looked after as best as possible, based on this person's needs. I would definitely recommend this facility.