Review of Quarters at Des Peres, The

1 Star User Review

My father was in this facility. I did check this facility out, and then found only a couple of good reviews, hence my reason for placing my father there for rehab. Unfortunately, it was a terrible experience. Initially, they provided my father with minimal rehab. HE is actually worse today after leaving the facility. The head nurse practitioner was the most miserable and disagreeable human being that I have ever encountered. She was unkind and uncaring. IF you dare to disagree with any care she shuns you, will not smile at you, will not acknowledge you nor my father, will glare at you. BEWARE!

Also, the head Nurse, challenged me on their justification of drugging my father at night. She glared at me and said this is the way it's going down.


Oh, and my father said no one would bring him a urinal, and then when he couldn't wait any longer he said then came the scrub down and they were rough on his genitals…and the fingernails would dig in when they rolled him. Also when they fed him, he was leaning back so far that he was choking and spitting out food and begging for water. I told the aide that I would take over and thankfully saved my father.