Review of Bethesda Dilworth

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I had my mother in the Charless, which is a division of the Bethesda and what I looked up they went out of business. While my mother was in the Charless/Bethesda division their employees witnessed a radical power of attorney with neither myself or my sister present. The attorney they recommended also did a radical change to my trust, who was my sister's attorney and again no family's member was present. I found out about the amendment which their attorney whom they recommended was also my sister's attorney and the amendment he did drastically changed the flow of my mother's trust to favor my sister.

The employees who acted as witness's were the social worker and the the one who distributes the medication the CMT. My mother had fallen a few days prior and was taking Vicotin which was administered by the witness. At the age of 92 suffering from cognitive impairment, etc. I could never recommend them.