Review of St Johns Place

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DO NOT PUT YOUR LOVE ONE IN THIS FACILITY. BEWARE. Upon first meeting the Administrator, he made the facility seem so caring and family oriented. It's the complete opposite. My relative was in St. John's Place a few months before I got feed up and reported them to the State. They kept promising he would see the podiatrist, but never did. He toenails got to an unhealthy length. The toilet in his room was full of feces for three days straight and was non functioning the following week. Being visually impaired, the staff would sit his meals on his table without telling him what he was eating or assisting with eating. There was a bandage put on his shin for an injury that I was never notified about with a date of 9/20, when I saw him on 9/26, the bandage had not been changed (I took photos and sent to the State). I would notified the Administrator regarding each of these events, however, he had such a cavalier attitude and nothing was urgent. The staff is unprofessional and lacks compassion. The charge nurse hung up the phone on me on two separate occasions. My relative advised that the staff was stealing his candy. The nurses station was never manned with staff. Calls light were constantly on. Charge nurses could not answer routine question from families or troubleshoot any situation and would ALWAYS refuse to contact the D.O.N. or Administrator after hours. The D.O.N. was so unpleasant. No staff member ever greeted me when I came in. On the night shift, you can usually find about half the nurses on the patio smoking and socializing. The website claims to take the residents on outings and having so many activities. I have never witnessed an activities or been notified on an outing. Don't put your love one in this facility or their sister property, The Bentley.