Review of Oak Knoll Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

Horrible!!! They have this clean front and service that is ok- so so for the most abled residents. These are the ones you see; They are downstairs and get to go to dining room. But the ones that really need the most help are upstairs. Its bed to chair for them, propped in front of TV all day. The aides often do not even speak English and even if they did they don't provide conversation. Some of these are so far gone maybe it doesn't matter? But my dad was in here. so so lonely so neglected, so starved for a sentence exchange as he couldn't get around or make himself easily heard..

He didn't even get taken to the "activities". It was n't convenient.. not enough aides and there no one enriching the upstairs residents..

they do the minimum to keep the bed sores down not one bit more..