Review of Alexian Brothers Lansdowne Village

1 Star User Review

This facility and others like it should be SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! The staff is non-caring and non-attentive to the needs of the residents.

The staff is incompetent, communication is a joke, the well-being of residents is of no concern and the majority of them (staff) are equipped with attitudes. My observations of the food (lunch and dinner) was distasteful to say the least. Stray animals can find a better meal in the wilderness than on the food trays of the residents. One staff member told me that she doesn't eat that food. This was after I asked about one of the items on the menu(what was it and how did it taste?) Why are residents being fed food that is unappealing, questionable and that no staff member would want to eat? Hmmmmmmmmmm! The so-called nursing staff can't seem to get the resident's medication right (THIS IS SOMETHING CRITICAL). The so-called physician remedy for a resident experiencing seriously ill symptoms is to let them die, because their health is deteriorating, do not resuscitate. This is his expert opinion after spending 5 minutes with a resident. I am not exaggerating! (YES! THIS IS WHAT THE PHYSCIAN TOLD US, CLOSE FAMILY MEMBERS). While visiting with my love one, I noticed one patient being left in a chair in the hallway for more than 8 hours. I arrived early morning and didn't leave until around 7pm. The quality of care given at this facility is below sub-human. My heart aches for those residents, they are forced into an environment where there is no human compassion. I pray the State of Missouri conduct a thorough investigation. The really sad thing about Alexian Brothers Landsdowne Nursing Home is that it is suppose to be a FAITH based institution. I didn't see, feel or hear the love GOD in that place.