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I am so sad my father-in-law is spending his last days in such a place. He was in the hospital for 2 wks prior to entering this facility and had absolutely NO skin tears. Within the same period of time at the home, his arms are nothing but tears and bruises. He even has a skin tear on his head but NO ONE KNOWS how this happened. I can tell you… they are extremely rough when turning patients and his head has hit the side rails when I have been in the room. They just dont care. Hurry up and get it done. My heart breaks as I watch my mother-in-law WATCH her husband of 59 yrs endure this care.

I called recently to speak with the nurse caring for dad. First I was put on hold for over 5 minutes (yes we watched the clock) I then hung up and called back… it rang for several minutes. I then called again..this time I was told the nurse was at dinner and she would be back in a few minutes. I asked to speak with the another nurse on the floor. To my surprise (not!), there wasn't another nurse (on the skilled nursing floor-only aides) After 50 minutes of this mess, she called back and was immediately on the defense. If my father in law is on the SKILLED nursing wing then wouldnt you think a skilled nurse should be there at all times. Skilled must mean more than leaving these patients with just aides.

I have been there for hours and never has an aide or nurse come into the room unless we call and then they take their time. BUT if I go out looking for someone they are all sitting at the desk. Lights ringing like crazy. Does no one care???

Please be aware of what medicare your mom and dad have. Mom didnt understand medicare A&B was much MUCH better than medicare complete. And complete is much cheaper and they have to watch their money. But here we are with a very ill family member and we find out the nursing home we wanted (and I have worked at-RN) was not on their list as they do not take medicare complete. So we were given a list of homes. I wish we could take him home but right now that isnt an option. Maybe as hospice but not right now. Mom does not leave his side during the day and can not bear to leave at night. PLEASE PLEASE…. if you are looking for a place for someone you love very much do not put them here unless you are going to stay 24/7 to care for them.

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same experience!!!!!