Review of Mount Carmel Senior Living - St Charles, LLC

1 Star User Review

I only give this nursing home 1 star and even that is generous. I felt that some of the staff did not care about my loved one, complained how hard it was to take care of my loved one, ignored other patients needing help. Often I would end up helping patients to their tables because they were being ignored by the staff. Once I had to guide a man in wheel chair away from the exit door to stop him from possibly going down a flight of stairs if he had opened it successfully while the receptionists just sat there not paying attention. If you are able to get around on your own or totally bed-ridden you are fine. Once you require some extra care, the staff tells you that caring for your loved one is "too hard" for them. Maybe some of the staff should seek other employment where they don't need to show compassion for the elderly and not have to do work that is so hard for them.