Review of Redwood of Raymore

1 Star User Review

we found this facility to be completely unprofessional and uncaring. From the time my husband entered the center, his chart was confused with another patient. This mistake was discovered on the 2nd day of his stay, however, right up until the night before we left, they were still trying to give him incorrect medications.

He was there for rehab from a knee replacement surgery. The order was for therapy twice a day. The first day, a temp employee was on staff and she did a short therapy session in the AM and documented an afternoon session which never happened. After we called attention to this, the therapy was very good.

The place was dirty….dinner trays in the hallways as late as 9 or 10 PM, floors not swept, bathroom had mold, common area with coffee and microwave machines filthy and unstocked.

We were put in a position to pull my husband from this facility early due to the poor care. As a result, he did not get all of the therapy he needed and ended up tearing a tendon and having a second surgery; then got an infection and has now had a 3rd surgery. I contribute this to the bad start he got at this facility.