Review of Wilshire at Lakewood

3 Star User Review

We have been fortunate to have several of the health care providers be of excellent quality.Fortunately they are the norm, but there have been a few folk that have made this difficult. Transitioning to a facility is difficult, and that process was not made any easier by certain "professionals" not taking their duties seriously . We are also very disappointed in the quality of the food and the lack of personalization of a diet plan. The nutritionist hides in her office, and refuses to speak with us despite repeated requests. Any and all issues could be resolved by visiting with the Nursing director, or the director himself, but its not their job to discuss dietary needs with the family. We would have scored this facility higher had all personnel shown the same dedication to excellence that a select few have shown. Those few shine like jewels in a very rusty crown. We are thankful for them, but wish the rest of the staff would get a clue.