Review of Westridge Gardens Rehab & Health Care Center

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The nursing home has problems notifying my either my father-in-law (patient) or mother-in-law about appointments with outside providers. We have talked with the nursing home about keeping the son and mother involved and that continues to be ignored by the social workers that schedule the appointments. We've been told by the Director of Nursing that this would not happen again and yet today we are dealing with the same issue again. My mother-in-law visits my father-in-law multiple times a day everyday. And still no one can seem to find the time to tell her or my father-in-law that there is an appointment. The excuse for not notifying the son or daughter-in-law is that it's too many people to notify. They are not even telling my father-in-law and he is in the facility.

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all things considered - that's not too bad. I have seen and heard some real horror stories about nursing homes in the area and I definitely think of all of the evils I could handle this one much better in comparrison.