Review of Joplin Health and Rehabilitation Center

3 Star User Review

My sister was at this facility for 3 weeks for physical therapy after knee replacement surgery. She was given morphine and valium twice a day for at least a full week. When (the second) doctor was questioned by family why she was still on high dose he said he hadn't prescibed morphine. What was in the chart? Who was looking at the chart? We don't know if she was ever actually seen by a doctor. The family had to insist the morphine dosing be stopped. For more than 2 weeks of the time she was there she was so medicated she hallucinated for days. There was no medical oversight, no nutrional oversight, no emotional oversight. She lost concept of day and night. Blinds were left closed, and the clock in the room had stopped. In the limited actual therapy sessions that were attempted she was too medicated to participate and generally escorted back to the room to bed. She left this facility in a much worse overall state than if she had not been there at all.