Review of Rosewood Health and Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

The Groves has been taken over by Rosewood Health and Rehab. When we first moved my Mother into the Groves with Alzheimers, she was well cared for, in a Christian environment.. She paid a portion of her care (about $56/day) and Medicare paid the rest.. . When Rosewood took over, care gradually began to diminish- still ok… but little by little, the staffing and resident interaction shrank to the minimums it is today When she passed away 5 years and $95000.00 (of her portion) later, she did so 6 days into a new month. For the last six days, she ate no food, and lay unresponsive in her bed, attended only by Hospice. Medicaid paid her expenses for the six days, and I called and offered to pay the $56/day that she had been paying for 5 years. But suddenly that was not good enough. They sent me a bill for $875.00, because that is "just how we bill". We had some extra funeral expenses, and cannot afford this. They told me that unless I paid their bogus balance they would not give me my photographs and oil paintings, which were done for her by my late, arthritic father and are of no value to anyone but me. This caring, Christian place has turned into something dark under Rosewoods' management. Do your loved one a favor and look elsewhere. Beware!