Review of Redwood of Independence

1 Star User Review

6/23/14 Express Rehabilitation of Independence is a joke. The doctor didn't even take the time to visit my mother but once the entire time she was there. He judges his version of care and pain medication on the statements of LPN's most of them just out of school. I tried to talk to him but he said he didn't have time to talk to me. My mother was very discouraged with her care or lack of it. Every time I left, which was seldom, to run an errand or go get a bite to eat I came back to my mother crying in pain. The employees lied and blamed one another to cover their errors including the LPN in charge. Therapy was disgraceful. I expressed my mom right out of there. Don't leave your loved one there unless you are going to stay with them 24/7. The LPN's need a lot more training, continued education, and monitoring. I feel so sorry for the people there that don't have anyone looking out for them.