Review of Crystal Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

Horrible, Horrible Place! My dad was placed there after a fall. The place is old and smelly. The furniture looks 50 years old. The staff is lazy and unprofessional. Nobody, including the nurses or doctors could answer our questions. We could not even FIND anyone to ask and when we did they had an attitude. My dad received NO rehab and sat in his room all day and looked out the window. They supposedly have a full calendar of activities, but I NEVER saw anything. The patients sat in their rooms or in the halls all day. They would beg me to take them out when I came to see my dad. We reported the place three times in two months. He was worse off when he left than when he went. We decided to take him home and pay for care. DO NOT SEND YOUR RELATIVES TO THIS PLACE. YOU WILL BE SORRY@ It deserves 0 stars.