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This is reference to The Valley A Stonebridge Community Facility, I would not recommend this facility anyone..!!!! The facility is dirty, the furniture is dirty, the whole place smell, the staff and employees are very dispectful and they are not attending to the residents as they should.!!! This facility is very HORRIBLE…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree, this is the worst facility I have ever encountered and the staff is just as bad. No respect for residents and family members. This place is not fit for dogs or cats to reside. Residents die in this facility do to understaffed and untrained personnel. Still waiting on the State to SHUT THIS FACILITY DOWN. Don't make the mistake I did, DO NOT PUT YOU LOVE ONE IN THIS FACILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the State of Missouri have not gotten word on the Valley at Stonebridge. Don't make the mistake my family did and place your loved one here, YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!! Still waiting on the State to SHUT THIS FACILITY DOWN!!!!!!!!! Sub-standard care, exceptionally rude staff, and the most filthy, nasty, and dirty facility I have ever encountered.

The care my family member received from the Valley at Stonebridge in Florissant was well below zero. Please shop around carefully before placing your family member in this place. The entire staff was exceptionally rude. The State of Missouri should close this place immediately!!!!!

My family experienced the same. The lobby and foyer is beautifully decorated and kept very clean but the patients rooms are dirty and smell horrible. The staff is very rude and the patients receive sub-standard care. This is the worst facility I have ever seen. I would not recommend this facility to anyone!

I agree with you. I rate the valley at Stonebridge -0. This facility needs to be shutdown immediately. The care here is not fit for any human or animal.