Review of Hattiesburg Health & Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

If you love your family member, do not send them to this facility. If I could have given them a zero, I would have. After being sent to this facility for 3 weeks of Rehabilitation, my loved one's overall health declined substantially. They lost 17 pounds and left with a bed sore (though staff assured us that this was not the case). From the beginning, no one was made aware of why my loved one was there, how long they were to be there, and the kind of care that was needed. My loved one was haphazardly shoved into a tiny portion of a room with nothing but a curtain to look at. And PT/OT wasn't started until we started asking questions. The family member spent their last week heavily medicated,so clearly no rehab was done. There was nothing but confusion from staff and dishonesty from the management. Avoid this facility at all cost!