Review of The Villa at St Louis Park

1 Star User Review

We've had several friends/family stay at this facility prior to it's becoming "The Villa." It was bad then, if possible it's worse now. Following hip surgery at Fairview Southdale this facility was literally jammed down our throats. Apparently Fairview Southdale employees get some major kick backs for recommending it. Some new tile on the floors and paint on the walls do not constitute a "multi-million dollar makeover." The staff is not only non-responsive, they are harsh and cruel. No one would want to be there and certainly not see a loved one there. Yesterday we witnessed a St. Louis Park fire inspector writing them up for litter and debris piled up in a lower level exit. It would have taken a worker 30 minutes to thoroughly clean the walkway but it's obviously been neglected for some time. Instead of an attempted remodel, this place should have been bulldozed along with the staff. The only reason their staff works in the health care industry is because they couldn't get jobs anywhere else, not because they really care about people. A sad fact which is demonstrated on a minute-by-minute basis. My advice is to run, don't walk, away from this facility! It is not a good place at all.