Review of Good Samaritan Society - Albert Lea

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My Step-Father was in this facility for Hospice treatment as a result of late stage cancer. He was given a prescription from the physician to give a pain reliever at his request due to intesity of pain he was experiencing. Many times my mom was told by staff it was "too early" for the medication even though the permission was given in writing to the R.N. This put him in extreme discomfort and it took the physician to call the R.N. director directly to give this instruction.

Upon the day of his death it was apparent he had a few hours to a day or so to live. I was with him and being in the field of healthcare for many years recognized that the end was very close, possible minutes. I had my mom run to desk and notify nursing staff of this. They said "Hospice will be in at 12p.m." It was 9:05a.m. My Mom returned and we sat by his side reassuring him he was okay, and he was heading to a beautiful calm place and no more pain. He came concious for a quick second, look at me, and took his last breath just a few minutes later. I checked his pulse to confirm death and time of death at about 9:07a.m. The nurse staff arrived at 9:15a.m. to be sure he had passed.

Yes, we sat for seven minutes with a decesed family member in the room before a nurse arrived to confirm death.

I will let you decide if this is the place you want your loved-one to take their last breath…