Review of Superior Woods Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

This is a bottom-rung nursing home. My father, recovering from heart surgery, was sent here for rehab. He could not yet walk very well on his own; yet each time he pushed the buzzer for assistance (transfer to his wheel chair) to go to the bathroom, his calls were ignored. They found him around 1 a.m., having fallen on his way to the bathroom. He hit his head, was rushed to ER, where he was unconscious for several days. He finally woke, four days later and suffered cardiac arrest. He was revived. The doctor now feels his confusion is permanent, that he may never recover. He was rarely given fresh water, and when we reported alarming edema, swelling of his left arm, they said they'd have the dr. check it next time he was in -- five days later! Also, the last time I saw him (before the fall) he was naked from the waist down, half on the bed, half off, left there on his own, unable to right himself. Nursing had "stepped out" mid transfer. WTF? This place should be closed down.