Review of Regency at Whitmore Lake

1 Star User Review

My father was moved to this facility from their facility in canton . I would not recommend either facility the canton one Noone ever came in to check on my father who is in his later stages of alzheimers and at the whitemore lake my father came home to my sisters with sores on his bottom, he got a bacterial infection in his bowels and was released on a Thursday and is in the hospital bye Monday with this infection and server diarrhea he lost between 30 to 40 lbs. And was there just over a month . They put him on vicodin witch he has never been on. They lost majority of his cloths his Slippers 2 Belts , A Jacket .

He Was taken to the hospital with an enlarged prostate and catheterized after being there only a few days maybe a week that cannot all be blamed on them since he has had problems in the past with his prostate . But the fact that myself and my sister both asked repeatedly about what the in house doctor and or urologist had said about his situation with no one having any kind of answer for us and it seems the staff always would have to take a call or have to do something when we did asked told us nothing was being done . The funny thing about a week before he was leaving and they new he was leaving they called my sister to inform her that they had finally gotten an appt for the urologist for 2 days before he would be leaving .

So in my opinion I wouldn't take my worst enemy to either one of these facilities !