Review of Regency at Whitmore Lake

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Although "visiting" hours are quite extensive, there is no visiting room offered, and patients and visitors are forbidden to visit in the patient rooms, where most facilities allow visits.

Instead, visitors are made to STAND in the hall, under observation by staff, who are visibly listening, and made to dodge medicine cart, floor mopping. No chairs offered, no little table for resting materials on. Was this practice accepted by inspectors?

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Also visitors are not forbidden to visit in rooms. People visit in rooms all the time, sometimes everyday. This review makes no sense and I am sad to think that someone could make up such accusations.

This review is clearly biased and sounds very strange to me. This facility has meeting rooms available for residents and their families to go and visit on every unit. If there is an issue with not having space, space will be made available in the activities room or where the family feels a sense of comfort.

Nurses and Aides are not around to "eavesdrop" on Residents private conversations, They run around all day providing care to those who need help and enjoy doing their jobs.Tables are provided to each resident, and are located in their rooms, if extras are needed they can be provided.