Review of Heartland-West Bloomfield

1 Star User Review

Cannot recommend this facility to anyone. My mother was there a week, and was overmedicated when she first got there. She was given haphazard care by nurses who kept saying that they didn't know much about her. They would not answer the light for a length of time when I put it on to ask for pain medication for heras she suffered from cancer. The staff was undertrained and did not act in a professional manner. They barely abided by the minimal standards of care. She eventually fell and was found later laying in a small pool of blood as a result of striking her head. They told us that we would have to hire a safety companion to be with her as they don't check people very often. It might be two hours before a person is checked on the staff said. So for the money they charge medicare for their poor service, I cannot recommend this place to anyone.