Review of Regency at Waterford

2 Star User Review

May I state first, the nursing staff cared for my Mother. She passed away on Sept. 6th, 2016. My complaint, as I have read in previous reviews is with the office personnel & owners or management. I went to close my Mom's personal account on the day she passed away. They already had the check, made out to her due to she had went into the hospital. She was back at Regency when she died. I asked the office worker why couldn't they make the check out to me or my son, (names on account). She had to call corporate, what a laugh. Ok, left with check. They called my husbands cell to speak with me. I called his person back. They wanted the check returned to them stating there was a balance due from 2011 Another bad idea.. No money from my Mom's account was returned. They figured it was theirs to keep. My son & I put this money in her personal account for her hair etc. I feel they had no right to keep this at all. They pull this on the very day my Mom passed away. I told them they are so cold-hearted to pull this & hung up the phone.