Review of Regency at Waterford

2 Star User Review

My mother has been recently been placed in this facility for rehab purposes after being released from the hospital. The nursing staff appear to be overburdened with patients and we've had a bad experience with at least one of the patient care assistants…she was rude and impatient with the patient in the next bed to my mother. She did not offer a greeting after we greeted her after entering the room and we were shocked to see how she had handled the other woman in the next bed which in my opinion was very abruptly and disrespectfully. Mind you that this resident is a stroke patient. My mother said that she would notify me of any other occurrences as I would report this behavior should it happen again. If this woman had no problem acting like that if front of another patient and their family, I wonder what she is like when others are not around to observe her "care". Be aware that there is no administrative people there on the weekends and patients are left to the nursing and patient care staff for the entire weekend. The food is of poor quality and unappetizing. I had taken a picture of my mothers meal and placed it on FB, showing others what our loved ones are being served in this facility. In the past I had seen that the facility had rated a 4 out of 5 for care and unfortunately a 2 out of 5 for the quality of food and service. It appears to have dropped in both categories and is very sad as this is a beautiful nursing home and gives the appearance of a friendly, caring and dignified facility. It appears to be just that…appearances. I will not refer this facility to any other families at this time unless I see improvements.