Review of Advantage Living Center - Warren

1 Star User Review

This place is a business only! Under staffed, Lets call lights stay on for an ungodly amount of time and some have even walked in the room, shut it off and walk out without addressing the resident. Dirty, they hardly ever wipe the table off the residents have in their room, I have to do it for him, ignore request and act like you are over reacting when you express your loved one has been in pain for the last week or 2 and do nothing to find out why, they just simply say, well he never expressed it to me, well maybe because he gave up from expressing it to the aids who just say okay then leave the room and that's it, me expressing the issue a week ago to the nurse should have been enough. Administrator is smug and cuts you off and does not want to here anything you have to say. do not choose this place for your loved one.